Technical Description

Van de Soleil was designed to correct performance issues noted during two and a half years of experience with its predecessor, Man the Van.

It uses a compressor and major system components which run at 24V DC, eliminating conversion loss in the inverter.  It also has a split system, venting warm air to the outside.   And it has a walk-in freezer for operational efficiency. 

  • Design parameters and system limitations. Click to read more..
  • The energy supply system is a 24 volt DC solar system with battery backup.   Click to read more.
  • The refrigeration system runs on the same voltage as the energy supply system.  Click to read more.
  • The freezer box is a home-build frame structure insulated with closed-cell urethane foam.   It has a sliding door at the rear.
  • Our first prototype, Man the Van, was the prolog and test bed for our solar freezer systems. Click to read more about Man the Van